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  1. Socket Item Options

    Hope you all enjoy these new configs because many of you asked for it .
  2. Raffle - Draw System

    Amazing, hope you all like it.
  3. Daily Event Suggestions

    Hello everyone, I plan on doing different daily events at different times. What type of events would you like to see in the future? Come up with a nice idea and I will award you with credits. Examples: Hide and Seek, Uniria Race, Random questions, Math questions, Guess exe option, Find an item, Bring an item, Run, Swim to location, Drop event and etc. Reply only with your ideas and details. Do not copy/paste someone's ideas. If you think someone's idea is awesome, just give it a like.
  4. VIP System

    noywk1991, you can find that information in Account Panel by clicking Buy Vip.