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    x30 details: accname: tarkan Char: angELF
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    X30 details: acc.name: ahmetX Char: ahmetX
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    X30 acc. name: nujram87 char: Marjun acc. name: nujram18 char: Gwapita acc.name: nujram19 char: Babe char:Gwapito acc.name: jrterio char: imThe0ne char: AvianFM
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    x30 acc: PORNSTAR char: PORNSTAR X500 acc: PORNSTAR char: PORNSTAR
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    x30 details account name: mattrean07 and mattrean7 character name: QuinnDK and WaltGrace new x500 acct account name: mattrean07 and mattrean7 character name: QuinnnDK and PaperDoII
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    Marry System You can marry with another character in game. Question: What is a benefit if you marry wife / husband ? Answer: You can teleport to your wife / husband anytime to any map. Exceptions: You can not teleport to Battle Maps and you must have at least 150 level To marry you must go to Devias 2 coordinates 13 x 25 and 13 x 26 When you both are there marry with commands: "/prop" "/accept" To divorce use this command: "/divorce" To teleport use this command: "/follow"
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    Store and Offstore Using this feature you can sell items in game store: [ wcoin, gpoint, bless, soul, chaos, creation, guardian, harmony, ruud ] Command: /store [type] Example 1: /store wcoin Example 2: /store gpoint Example 3: /store ruud Opens personal store where you sell items for Wcoins Command: /offstore Example: /offstore Exits game but character stays online with opened store to sell while offline To use /offstore you must set /store first Video: