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    Jewel Bank You can save jewels into a special bank using simple commands from any place and any time! Commands: /bank - check your jewels balance /bankadd - check the names of jewels to save in bank /bankadd [type] [amount] - add jewels to bank Example: To add 3 Jewel of Chaos, type /bankadd chaos 3 To add all Jewel of Chaos which are in your inventory, type /bankadd chaos /banksub - check the names of jewels to take out from bank /banksub [type] [amount] - take jewels from bank Example: To take 3 Jewel of Chaos, type /banksub chaos 3
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    so x500 does not have this feature? cuz I keep typing /bank and nothing appears etc
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    We need this quest chain on x500 too please :-)
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    Done: 1) [Added] "/follow" command. More info HERE. 2) [Updated] "Maze of Dimensions" event now saves. 3) [Updated] "Muun" system. 4) [Fixed] Some small issues for master skill tree. 5) [Fixed] Wrong monster summon at "Ferea Battle". 6) [Fixed] Summon moving non gens characters to gens maps. 7) [Fixed] "Hero" status disappearing before the expected. 8) [Fixed] "Ruud Shop" not setting durability correctly. 9) [Fixed] Errtel level upgrade failure not clearing the level. 10) [Fixed] Some mixes not applying the "Talisman of Luck" bonus with fixed rate. 11) Many other small fixes on server side and in-game (improved some systems, performance). Planned: 1) Jewels Bank (possibility to store jewels in special bank, can add or take back them anytime with a simple command from any place). 2) Exclusive Quest System (do some quest tasks like kill specific monsters or players and get nice rewards). 3) Automatic Hide and Seek event with auto rewards.
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    Follow Party You can move your character to any player who is in your party! You do not have to walk back to spot but now you can simply follow someone from a party! Command usage: /followpt <PARTY_MEMBER_NAME> Command example: /followpt Admin
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