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  3. Free 400 Credits [x9999]

    Здравствуйте я все сделал как было написано мне ничего не пришло Что мне делать?
  4. Free Credits for Skype promotion

    Login: alisa804
  5. Free 400 Credits [x9999]

    Free 400 Credits - Get Free 400 Credits in a few clicks Like our Facebook Page - HERE Share and Like that Post about opening on your Timeline - HERE Tag in Comment at least 5 friends and your Account Name (ID) - HERE Subscribe to our Youtube Channel (Many useful Video Guides will be added in future) - HERE - Just a few rules to receive Credits All 4 steps must be completed to receive Free 400 Credits Post should be "Public" and visible on your Facebook profile timeline 1 Player can get Credits only once and for 1 account (do not try to cheat) Credits will be added after manual review in a time of 0 - 24 hours
  6. Free Credits for Skype promotion

    1. Share what you're up to (mood section): 2. Add our Server Skype to your contacts and group: Add and Chat Now 3. Send an instant message to a group: Make a conversation group with your friends, and tell them about our server opening. Come up with your own invitation text. Requirements and prizes: Group of 30+ friends - 400 Credits. Group of 100+ friends - 1500 Credits. Fill the form after you have done 3 steps of the event: Account name (login): Screenshot from Skype mood message: Screenshot from Skype Group: Tips: Remember that you can use your Referral Link. For each player who will register using your Referral Link you receive extra Credits. Referral Rewards see HERE.
  7. Exclusive Rank Quest

    I completed the quest №3. I didn't get the reward 5 Jewel of Soul, Bless of Light (Low Grade). Server x500 SniFFer
  8. Boss Respawn Times

    there is kundun in Land of Trial....and erohim too...
  9. Materials for Wings

    Feather of Condor you must make => how to make it? please show me
  10. Top 20 Voters

    como faço para votar do Brasil com 5521
  11. Earning Free Credits, Wcoins

    I haven't found this topic, thank you, the instructions are clear and I understand.
  12. Earning Free Credits, Wcoins

  13. Earning Free Credits, Wcoins

    I want to open shop for Wcoin but not work anh i dont know that command, pls help me.
  14. Socket Item Options

    All sockets active yes.
  15. Socket Item Options

    Block rating seed is active on server ? Or the DSR from exe items ?.
  16. Top 20 Voters

    okie vote to fun -everyone
  17. Server X2000 remade to X9999

    can we know how much is the limit from the items ? without the bonus , maximum that we can get ?
  18. Server X2000 remade to X9999

    No, it's lower. Special Reward: Damage and HP +2% each GR up to 20 when max 40%
  19. Server X2000 remade to X9999

    just a quick question The DD% and Reflect is the same as 2000x ? max65% ?
  20. Exclusive Rank Quest

    Wouldnt hurt to have separate cmd to get rewards or smth instead of them dropping immediately. Accidently was AFK when hit last monsters and lost 5x greater grade bless of lights Same mistake wont happen but yea, learned the hard way!
  21. Exclusive Rank Quest

    UPDATED 02.02.2021
  22. Referral System

    UPDATED 02.02.2021
  23. Dear players, Since many players suggested that we should have X9999 fast exp server so we decided to remake existing X2000 to X9999. Database is cleared and all settings and guides will be updated to suit X9999 needs. See you all in game when the new server X9999 launches.
  24. Earning Free Credits, Wcoins

    How many credits do you get after GR? also Each GR is the same price? Thank you.
  25. Exclusive Rank Quest

    Rank 12 isn't working for me on x2000. I've killed Illusion of Kundun in Kalima 6 several times and it still shows as 0 out of 3.
  26. Senior (Lord) Mix

    I think It is one time by day
  27. Senior (Lord) Mix

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