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    Character Class: DL - Lord Emperor Character Name: MessiahMK
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    Character Class: SM - Grand Master Character Name: SoulReaper
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    Server X30 1) Now reset can be done in game by command /reset. 2) Added special bonus reward for doing reset: Damage, HP, DD, REF +2% each 5 resets Example: (With 11 ~ 15 resets you will have 4% bonus Damage, 4% extra HP, 4% extra Damage Decrease, 4% extra Damage Reflect) (With max 70 resets you will have 28% bonus Damage, 28% extra HP, 28% extra Damage Decrease, 28% extra Damage Reflect). 3) Added 20% damage absorb and 20% damage increase to Golden Fenrir. Note: Similar updates coming soon for servers X500 and X2000 as well.
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    Character Class: Elf - High Elf Character Name: SoulBuffer Character Class: RF - Fist Master Character Name: SoulRage
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    Lets run it in game, sir! Waiting the opening! Ah, it would be good grow up the Bosses Power to compensate these changes, or they could be soled by players without items, do some tests and check it, please
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    28% DD is included in these Max 60%, but that's why these max 60% are changed to max 70%. So DD and REF is now the same Max of 70%. With 70 resets you get 28%, so you have left 42% to get the max rate.
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    Nice! I am already exited to reach 70rr! /reset is a very nice feature, will make resetting so much easier Gold 20% 20% would certainly motivate people to do that final quest <3 Just 1 question. Are those 28% DD included in the General Damage Reduction Max Rate which is 60%? or the max now is 88%?