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    Pack and Unpack Jewels Commands for easy packing and unpacking jewels! Command: /pack [jewel] [value] Example: /pack bless 30 Creates one pack of 30 Bless if you have them in inventory Command: /unpack [jewel] [value] Example: /unpack soul 20 Unpacks one pack of 20 Soul if you have it in inventory bless = Jewel of Bless soul = Jewel of Soul life = Jewel of Life chaos = Jewel of Chaos creation = Jewel of Creation guardian = Jewel of Guardian harmony = Jewel of Harmony gem = Gemstone loref = Lower Refine Stone hiref = Higher Refine Stone
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    Игровой аккаунт nike x30
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    Marry System You can marry with another character in game. Question: What is a benefit if you marry wife / husband ? Answer: You can teleport to your wife / husband anytime to any map. Exceptions: You can not teleport to Battle Maps and you must have at least 150 level To marry you must go to Devias 2 coordinates 13 x 25 and 13 x 26 When you both are there marry with commands: "/prop" "/accept" To divorce use this command: "/divorce" To teleport use this command: "/follow"
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    You should change your attitude and thinking.. and stop being so lazy. It's 2018 and you do not know how to find info... Even in school students must use google to find info..
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    Character Class: RageFighter Character Name: Tokio
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    Character Class: Dimension Master Character Name: louis
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    Character Class:Rage Fighter Character Name:Spydder
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    Character Class: Blade Master Character Name: Banan
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    Character Class Dark Lord Character name Guru
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    Character Class: High Elf Character Name: Aphrodite
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    Character Class: Grand Master Character Name: VoiD
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    Character Class: BK Character Name: Knigh Character Class: GL Character Name: Bear
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    Character Class: Soul Master Character Name: TheAleX
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    Character Class: ELF/ Character Name: Own3DZIK
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    Character Class: DL Character Name: Silver
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    Hello.. i can`t found info about LOREN DEEP event and rewards.
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    ıd armagans skype and fb event compl https://imgyukle.com/i/EDZtZx
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    We have to take in consideration that if max stats are blocked per certain stat, then is quite unfair. Only characters that take full advantage of this is Agility RF (which will take all bosses, all pvp, because his agility = dmg and defense as well, and Agility ELF)...that is not fair at all.. So having that 70 rr block, with that dynamic xp...will drive many players to quit the server 100 percent sure....people want to have 100000rrr and full stats...my advice is to make a poll on the website and see what players want...in the end if you get more players= more money.. Ask us if we want dynamic xp, and a block of 70 rr...make two different polls.
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    I agree with Cortel.. That's also what I would like to go for 240 resets like thing and I don't like these blocked stats thing... Would be great to get answer from you guys so we will know if It's gonna be worth playing on this server or not
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    Hi, Will the max stats be extended in the future? It would be a drag to play long -term only to have your stats blocked at a certain rate. I personally would prefer to get 240 rr to get a full stat character..Have admins discussed the possibility of extending this functionality?
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    Socket Item Options We have changed original configs for Socket System since the original one is too hard for private servers. Values of Socket Options are changed since it is almost unreal to Upgrade from Level 1 to Level 10 Socket Option. Explanation: Level 1 option value is the same as original Level 1 value. Level 2 option value is changed to Level 4 value. Level 3 option value is changed to Level 6 value. Level 4 option value is changed to Level 8 value. Level 5 option value is changed to Level 10 value. Levels 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 option value is changed to Level 10 value (Level 5 - 10 the same as Level 10). Full information about each Level values:
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    Skill and Option Rates This is a guide about Maximum Rates of Skills and Options. General Damage Reduction Max Rate = 60% General Damage Reflection Max Rate = 70% General Excellent Damage Max Rate = 70% General Critical Damage Max Rate = 80% Skill Mana Shield Max Rate = 50% Skill Reflect Damage Max Rate = 50% Skill Poison Max Damage: Server x30 = 30 000 Server x500 = 65 000 Skill Poison Arrow Max Damage: Server x30 = 30 000 Server x500 = 65 000 Feel free to ask some other rates if you are interested in other what are not listed here
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    Suggestion accepted: Experience increased +30% in all DS levels
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    Done. Now they drop 2x BOK +2
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    That's how the system works and nothing can be changed with it. It's the way how developer coded it.
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    Updated 07.04.2019 Skill Poison Max Damage: Server x30 = 30 000 Server x500 = 65 000 Skill Poison Arrow Max Damage: Server x30 = 30 000 Server x500 = 65 000
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    x30 details: accname: tarkan Char: angELF
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    X30 acc. name: nujram87 char: Marjun acc. name: nujram18 char: Gwapita acc.name: nujram19 char: Babe char:Gwapito acc.name: jrterio char: imThe0ne char: AvianFM
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    x30 acc: PORNSTAR char: PORNSTAR X500 acc: PORNSTAR char: PORNSTAR
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    x30 details account name: mattrean07 and mattrean7 character name: QuinnDK and WaltGrace new x500 acct account name: mattrean07 and mattrean7 character name: QuinnnDK and PaperDoII
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    we are tolerant)
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    Do you accept gay marriage ?
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    Hi, Red lucky pouch drops: Zen reward amounts each 20% chance. (1kk, 2kk, 3kk, 4kk, 5kk) x30 server and (2kk, 4kk, 6kk, 8kk, 10kk) x500 server. This red lucky pouch drops also in PeaceSwamp map from all monsters..
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    24h after post - WHEN server started
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    Follow Party You can move your character to any player who is in your party! You do not have to walk back to spot but now you can simply follow someone from a party! Command usage: /followpt <PARTY_MEMBER_NAME> Command example: /followpt Admin
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    PK System (Player Kill) PK Players can NOT enter Events PK Players can NOT move Maps PK Players can NOT be Summoned Command /pkclear prices: x30 server = 3 000 000 Zen * Kill Count (Example: 5 kills = 15 000 000 Zen) x500 server = 5 000 000 Zen * Kill Count (Example: 5 kills = 25 000 000 Zen) PK Count shows how many kills you did PK Time shows how much time passed after the last kill Clear PK faster when kill monsters and slower when wait while PK stage ends Reduced Points per Monster Kill = Monster Level / 10 (Example: If Monster Level = 100 you receive (100 / 10) = 10 Points for each monster you kill) Reduced Points per Second = 2 Points per Second (Example: If you are PK Stage 1 so you can stay afk 15 minutes and PK will clear) PK Stage 1 / Points Required = 1800 PK Stage 2 / Points Required = 3600 PK Stage 3 / Points Required = 7200 PK Stage 3+ / Points Required = 10800 ; ==> 10800 / 10 = 1080 monsters Use this link to check Monster Levels : http://muonline.webzen.com/guides/27/177/in-game-features/monsters
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    Store and Offstore Using this feature you can sell items in game store: [ wcoin, gpoint, bless, soul, chaos, creation, guardian, harmony, ruud ] Command: /store [type] Example 1: /store wcoin Example 2: /store gpoint Example 3: /store ruud Opens personal store where you sell items for Wcoins Command: /offstore Example: /offstore Exits game but character stays online with opened store to sell while offline To use /offstore you must set /store first Video:
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    Add and Auto Add Points Description: Add your free stat points very quickly to any of your stats by writing : /addstr XX or /addagi XX or /addvit XX or /addene XX or /addcmd XX, where XX = the amount of points that you want to add from your free points, and where str = Strength, agi = Agility, vit = Vitality, ene = Energy and cmd = Command. You can also set the free points to be added automatically while you are AFK (that means whenever you make levels and gain new free points they can be added automatically and instantly to your chosen stat). To use this feature you must write : /addstr auto XX or /addagi auto XX , etc. where str / agi, etc. are the stats and XX = the amount of points that you want to be added automatically every time you have the free points to use up. Example: If you have 100 free points and level 200 and you want to add the next 400 points into agility then you will write /addagi auto 400 What will happen? The free 100 points will be added into agility instantly, and the next 300 points that you gain, will also be added into agility - that means from level 200 to 260 all the points will be added into agility automatically even if you are AFK when doing the levels. Note: This command will work even if you re-enter game, get reconnected, etc. To cancel the auto add points command you must write : /addagi auto 0 (instead of agi you should write the stat where you set the points to be added automatically).