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    Hi there, Is 3814 qualified for this event? He got banned for unfair play as I've read in the report section. If he is disqualified, I'm the 2nd runner up; so was just wondering that maybe I'm the real winner of this race. Character Class: BK Character Name: CRYY
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    Jewel Bank You can save jewels into a special bank using simple commands from any place and any time! Commands: /bank - check your jewels balance /bankadd - check the names of jewels to save in bank /bankadd [type] [amount] - add jewels to bank Example: To add 3 Jewel of Chaos, type /bankadd chaos 3 To add all Jewel of Chaos which are in your inventory, type /bankadd chaos /banksub - check the names of jewels to take out from bank /banksub [type] [amount] - take jewels from bank Example: To take 3 Jewel of Chaos, type /banksub chaos 3
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    Character Class: DL - Lord Emperor Character Name: MessiahMK
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    Character Class: SM - Grand Master Character Name: SoulReaper
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    Server X30 1) Now reset can be done in game by command /reset. 2) Added special bonus reward for doing reset: Damage, HP, DD, REF +2% each 5 resets Example: (With 11 ~ 15 resets you will have 4% bonus Damage, 4% extra HP, 4% extra Damage Decrease, 4% extra Damage Reflect) (With max 70 resets you will have 28% bonus Damage, 28% extra HP, 28% extra Damage Decrease, 28% extra Damage Reflect). 3) Added 20% damage absorb and 20% damage increase to Golden Fenrir. Note: Similar updates coming soon for servers X500 and X2000 as well.
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    Character Class: RF Character Name: VuongLinh
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    Character Class: BK Character Name: KingPVP
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    Character Class: MG Character name : R1nn
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    Character Class: ME Character Name: 4buff
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    Character Class:GL Character Name:Styx
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    Character Class: DL Character Name: Master
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    Character Class: SM Character Name: freee
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    Character Class: Dark Wizard, Soul Master, Grand Wizard Character Name: Raato
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    Socket Item Options We have changed original configs for Socket System since the original one is too hard for private servers. Values of Socket Options are changed since it is almost unreal to Upgrade from Level 1 to Level 10 Socket Option. Explanation: Level 1 option value is the same as original Level 1 value. Level 2 option value is changed to Level 4 value. Level 3 option value is changed to Level 6 value. Level 4 option value is changed to Level 8 value. Level 5 option value is changed to Level 10 value. Levels 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 option value is changed to Level 10 value (Level 5 - 10 the same as Level 10). Full information about each Level values:
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    Игровой аккаунт nike x30
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    Character Class: Elf - High Elf Character Name: SoulBuffer Character Class: RF - Fist Master Character Name: SoulRage
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    28% DD is included in these Max 60%, but that's why these max 60% are changed to max 70%. So DD and REF is now the same Max of 70%. With 70 resets you get 28%, so you have left 42% to get the max rate.
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    Character Class: Mirage Lancer Character Name: kuplung
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    Character Class: Dark Lord Character name: hAwkey
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    Character Class: Elf Character Name: Grotesque
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    please remove pk inside and all other event. Some player auto warps inside and kills me. will investigate more of hack. im pretty sure i'm the only one inside the event.
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    Character Class: HE Character Name: 4buff
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    Character Class: DL Character Name: DarkEye
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    character class- RF character name - Kraker First 50 reset
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    why i cant use it to acheron?? neither the marry /follow
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    Follow Party You can move your character to any player who is in your party! You do not have to walk back to spot but now you can simply follow someone from a party! Command usage: /followpt <PARTY_MEMBER_NAME> Command example: /followpt Admin
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    Admin, when would we receive reward?
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    Character Class : BK Character Name : 4fight
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    Character Class : SM Character Name : piekny
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    Hi, thanks for your question. Yes, space is unlimited, you can store any amount of jewels there.
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    Character Class: RageFighter Character Name: Tokio
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    Character Class: Dimension Master Character Name: louis
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    Character Class Dark Lord Character name Guru
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    Character Class: Grand Master Character Name: VoiD
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    Character Class: BK Character Name: Knigh Character Class: GL Character Name: Bear
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    Character Class: ELF/ Character Name: Own3DZIK
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    Hello.. i can`t found info about LOREN DEEP event and rewards.
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    We have to take in consideration that if max stats are blocked per certain stat, then is quite unfair. Only characters that take full advantage of this is Agility RF (which will take all bosses, all pvp, because his agility = dmg and defense as well, and Agility ELF)...that is not fair at all.. So having that 70 rr block, with that dynamic xp...will drive many players to quit the server 100 percent sure....people want to have 100000rrr and full stats...my advice is to make a poll on the website and see what players want...in the end if you get more players= more money.. Ask us if we want dynamic xp, and a block of 70 rr...make two different polls.
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    I agree with Cortel.. That's also what I would like to go for 240 resets like thing and I don't like these blocked stats thing... Would be great to get answer from you guys so we will know if It's gonna be worth playing on this server or not
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    Hi, Will the max stats be extended in the future? It would be a drag to play long -term only to have your stats blocked at a certain rate. I personally would prefer to get 240 rr to get a full stat character..Have admins discussed the possibility of extending this functionality?
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    1) Sphere level 2, 3, 4 removed from drop (it was a mistake before) * From now in drop is only sphere (mono) level 1. It is the way how it must be. ** You can Upgrade seed sphere from level 1 up to level 10 manually. (Will add guide later. You can find info on google for now) http://www.guiamuonline.com/socket-system/sistema-socket-s11-ep1 2) Added Spots to PeaceSwamp map (in a reason to level up Master Level and get more Zen) * Monsters in this map will drop Zen much more frequently than other monsters, maps. ** You can now level up your Master Level more safe since other players will not disturb because of minimal level 400 to enter map. *** We will add a special box to drop from monsters in this map ONLY which will give you Zen. **** This was made because of Zen drop is really hard when you reach level 400+ ***** Zen drop rate formula is (zen drop rate * exp * monster level) / character LEVEL P.S. There were many fixes, changes and updates before but i did not post them as update.
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    Add and Auto Add Points Description: Add your free stat points very quickly to any of your stats by writing : /addstr XX or /addagi XX or /addvit XX or /addene XX or /addcmd XX, where XX = the amount of points that you want to add from your free points, and where str = Strength, agi = Agility, vit = Vitality, ene = Energy and cmd = Command. You can also set the free points to be added automatically while you are AFK (that means whenever you make levels and gain new free points they can be added automatically and instantly to your chosen stat). To use this feature you must write : /addstr auto XX or /addagi auto XX , etc. where str / agi, etc. are the stats and XX = the amount of points that you want to be added automatically every time you have the free points to use up. Example: If you have 100 free points and level 200 and you want to add the next 400 points into agility then you will write /addagi auto 400 What will happen? The free 100 points will be added into agility instantly, and the next 300 points that you gain, will also be added into agility - that means from level 200 to 260 all the points will be added into agility automatically even if you are AFK when doing the levels. Note: This command will work even if you re-enter game, get reconnected, etc. To cancel the auto add points command you must write : /addagi auto 0 (instead of agi you should write the stat where you set the points to be added automatically).