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  1. x30 Server Information

    We have to take in consideration that if max stats are blocked per certain stat, then is quite unfair. Only characters that take full advantage of this is Agility RF (which will take all bosses, all pvp, because his agility = dmg and defense as well, and Agility ELF)...that is not fair at all.. So having that 70 rr block, with that dynamic xp...will drive many players to quit the server 100 percent sure....people want to have 100000rrr and full stats...my advice is to make a poll on the website and see what players want...in the end if you get more players= more money.. Ask us if we want dynamic xp, and a block of 70 rr...make two different polls.
  2. x30 Server Information

    And one question : Max Stats per 1 Characteristic: 20000 Max Stats Total: 28000+ / 29400+ Does it mean that i can have max 20k per for example ene, and all the total stats left are 8k? I know that on 500x you can have max different ..like 20k each..or so..Am i wrong? Is it possible for us to have 20k for each stat?
  3. x30 Server Information

    Hi, Will the max stats be extended in the future? It would be a drag to play long -term only to have your stats blocked at a certain rate. I personally would prefer to get 240 rr to get a full stat character..Have admins discussed the possibility of extending this functionality?