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Daily Drop Event

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 Daily Drop Event 

Random Items drop automatically. It happens at Lorencia town (143 x 128)
This event time is 5 minutes 4 times per 24 hours. (every 6 hours)
See Event Time Table on Web to know when it happens.

Server x30 Drop List and Amount

  1. Pumpkin x12
  2. Jewel of Chaos x2
  3. Cherry Blossom Box x12
  4. Jewel of Bless x4
  5. Heart of Love x12
  6. Jewel of Soul x4
  7. Box of Luck x12
  8. Jewel of Life  x2
  9. Pink Chocolate Box x12
  10. Jewel of Creation x2
  11. Red Chocolate Box x12
  12. Jewel of Harmony x2
  13. Silver Medal x12
  14. Gold Medal x12
  15. Blue Chocolate Box x12
  16. Jewel of Guardian x2
  17. Red Luck Pouch x9

Server x500 Drop List and Amount

  1. Pumpkin x16
  2. Jewel of Chaos x5
  3. Cherry Blossom Box x16
  4. Jewel of Bless x10
  5. Heart of Love x16
  6. Jewel of Soul x10
  7. Box of Luck x16
  8. Jewel of Life  x5
  9. Pink Chocolate Box x16
  10. Jewel of Creation x5
  11. Red Chocolate Box x16
  12. Jewel of Harmony x5
  13. Silver Medal x16
  14. Gold Medal x16
  15. Blue Chocolate Box x16
  16. Jewel of Guardian x5
  17. Red Luck Pouch x15

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11 minutes ago, YinYag said:

Hello ADM,

What does red luck pouch drops?


Red lucky pouch drops:

Zen reward amounts each 20% chance. (1kk, 2kk, 3kk, 4kk, 5kk) x30 server and (2kk, 4kk, 6kk, 8kk, 10kk) x500 server.

This red lucky pouch drops also in PeaceSwamp map from all monsters..

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