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Materials for Wings

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 Materials for Wings 

Wings Level 2

  • Loch's Feather
  • Crest of Monarch

These items drop in Icarus from all monsters and Tarkan 2 (lower drop rate)


Wings Level 2.5

  • Hell Maine Leather
  • Death Beam Knight Soul
  • Dark Phoenix Flame
  • Death King Bone

These items drop in Icarus from all monsters


Wings Level 3

  • Flame of Condor
  • Feather of Condor

Flame of Condor drops in Barracks map

Feather of Condor you must make

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1 minute ago, shmeks said:

Can  I also find it in normal positions for 2.5 wings (aida, tarkan, lorenci, and icarus?)

icarus only. 

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