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Update 06.11.2018

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1) Game Client has been updated

  • Fixed Transparency Issues, Invisible Inventory (happened to some players)
  • Fixed other Internal issues

Full Client DOWNLOAD LINKS are updated to the latest version.

All players who have old game client can just download patch if do not want to re download full game client.

To be able to connect to game current old players you must download this patch below:

Patch for Game Client Version 1 - Update_for_Version_1_Client.rar

Patch for Game Client Version 2 - Update_for_Version_2_Client.rar


2) Updated Performance optimizations

3) Added Labyrinth of Dimensions event

4) Added "MuRummy Special" system

5) Added Reconnect offline system

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Game client V2 users can not connect for now! It will be fixed asap, be patient!

(no problems for game client V1 users)

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