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Recruiting GM / Helper

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 We are looking for 1 or 2 GM's (Game Masters - Helpers) 

As GM / Helper you can earn credits for your own characters based on your activity.


  • Minimum of 3 hours per day for your duties. (better more)
  • English at medium level. (since server is international)
  • Previous GM Experience. (not a must)
  • Ability to improve and work with a team.
  • Fairness, seriousness, good manners, patience, passion.

Things we would like to know:

  • Real Name: 
  • Age: 
  • Country you live: 
  • Languages you know: 
  • Free hours per day to be online : 
  • Previous GM experience if have: 
  • How can you help Server: 
  • Other comments: 

Send your application via PM to Admin (me),

You should include a small brief about you and also why you want to be a GM / Helper.

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  • Real Name: Nikita
  • Age:  23
  • Country you live: United Kingodm
  • Languages you know: English,Russian,Latvian
  • Free hours per day to be online : 5-6h(or more) mon-friday, weekends only on evenings 2-3h 
  • Previous GM experience if have: last time was gm about 7h, but in different games was many times GM,HGM
  • How can you help Server: FAQ to newbies, make events for players for have some more fun
  • Other comments: Loyal player. dont matter who you are, helping everyone.always online in facebook,skype, answering really quick. 
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  • Real Name: Joshua
  • Age:  27
  • Country you live: California, USA
  • Languages you know: English, Filipino
  • Free hours per day to be online : 3 - 4hours a day
  • Previous GM experience if have: Yes i do have an experience as Game Master, but on other server(The server is closed now.) I became an Head Game Master for almost a year. So i know how to handle the GM job for example reports and etc.
  • How can you help server: I will advertise the server to my friends, also thru social media. Like Instagram and Facebook.
  • Other comments: I may be new here, but you can use me as a helper on doing some events on reports and assistance. 

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