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Earning Free Credits, Wcoins

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 Ways how to earn free Credits 

1. Vote Reward - Vote for us every 12 hours and some links every 24 hours!

In this way you will get free Credits and help our server to grow higher in rankings.

2. Reset Reward - Get Credits simply by making resets for your characters.

Once you make reset you get free Credits for doing each of it. Is not it nice?

3. Grand Reset Reward - Get Credits each time when you make grand reset!

This is not available on x30 since it does not have GR System. This is for server x500.

4. Online Time - Get Credits every hour simply being online in-game!

Be an active player and spend as much time online as you can so you get more free Credits. 

5. Referral System - Invite your friends or other people using your unique referral link to register under you!

You can invite unlimited amount of people and receive as much Credits as you will earn for resets they make.

6. Market - Attend the game events, hunt bosses, get rare and expensive items, in order to sell them on the market!

7. Rankings - Each day / week / month will be events like Top Voters, Top Online Players and more. Stay tuned HERE - EVENTS section!


 Ways how to earn free Wcoins 

1. Hunt Golden Monsters

  • Great Golden Dragon = 4 wcoins
  • Golden Rabbit = 2 wcoins
  • Golden Satyros = 1 wcoin
  • Golden Twin Tail  = 1 wcoin
  • Golden Iron Knight = 1 wcoin
  • Golden Napin = 1 wcoin

2. Hunt Boss Monsters

  • Illusion of Kundun Kalima 6 = 2 wcoins
  • Kundun Boss = 5 wcoins
  • Lord Silvester = 5 wcoins
  • Core Magriffy = 5 wcoins
  • Nix Boss = 5 wcoins
  • Lord of Ferea = 5 wcoins

3. Will be updated soon 

  • Feel free to suggest!!!!!!!

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On 14.09.2018 at 6:40 PM, Stason said:

how to exchange credits for wcoin ?


Simply on web where is buy wcoins, you can set change wcoins to credits.

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1 minute ago, empty said:

This module has been disabled.

Kindly read news on website..

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Hi adim,

~I am trying to vote and i follow the procedure but it always says " Unable to validate"...

Is there any special reason for this ? 

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hi, it seems to me that every top department should be rewarded with credits from top players to top cc, it will increase the activity at events and also attract players, a lot of people have a problem with vote and it's a bit unfair that only it is paid, sincerely player
Edited by csjaro

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