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Add and Auto Add Points

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 Add and Auto Add Points 


  • Add your free stat points very quickly to any of your stats by writing : /addstr XX or /addagi XX or /addvit XX or /addene XX or /addcmd XX, where XX = the amount of points that you want to add from your free points, and where str = Strength, agi = Agility, vit = Vitality, ene = Energy and cmd = Command.
  • You can also set the free points to be added automatically while you are AFK (that means whenever you make levels and gain new free points they can be added automatically and instantly to your chosen stat).
  • To use this feature you must write : /addstr auto XX or /addagi auto XX , etc. where str / agi, etc. are the stats and XX = the amount of points that you want to be added automatically every time you have the free points to use up.


  • If you have 100 free points and level 200 and you want to add the next 400 points into agility then you will write /addagi auto 400
  • What will happen? The free 100 points will be added into agility instantly, and the next 300 points that you gain, will also be added into agility - that means from level 200 to 260 all the points will be added into agility automatically even if you are AFK when doing the levels.


  • This command will work even if you re-enter game, get reconnected, etc.
  • To cancel the auto add points command you must write : /addagi auto 0 (instead of agi you should write the stat where you set the points to be added automatically).
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