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  3. Pentagrams

    @Admin Sir would it be possible to add talisman of element change? My inventory and warehouse is just getting full of useless pentagrams cause of the difference in element. Other servers have it so I thought maybe you could put it here too.
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  5. Free 300 Credits [x500]

    Free 300 Credits - Get Free 300 Credits in a few clicks Like our Facebook Page - HERE Share and Like that Post about opening on your Timeline - HERE Tag in Comment at least 5 friends and your Account Name (ID) - HERE Subscribe to our Youtube Channel (Many useful Video Guides will be added in future) - HERE - Just a few rules to receive Credits All 4 steps must be completed to receive Free 300 Credits Post should be "Public" and visible on your Facebook profile timeline 1 Player can get Credits only once and for 1 account (do not try to cheat) Credits will be added after manual review in a time of 0 - 24 hours
  6. Free Credits for Skype promotion

    1. Share what you're up to (mood section): 2. Add our Server Skype to your contacts and group: Add and Chat Now 3. Send an instant message to a group: You must make a conversation group with your friends, and tell them about this wonderful event and server. Come up with your own invitation text. Requirements and prizes: Group of 30+ friends - 300 Credits. Group of 100+ friends - 1000 Credits. Fill the form after you have done 3 steps of the event: Account name (login): Screenshot from Skype mood message: Screenshot from Skype Group: Tips: Remember that you can use your Referral Link. For each player who will register using your Referral Link you receive extra Credits. Referral Rewards see HERE.
  7. Reset Race [x500]

    Reset Race Be the first from all characters of YOUR CLASS who make 50 resets and get 2500 Credits Reward! 📌 Post in this topic after 50 resets reached: Character Class: Character Name: 📌 Example: Your character class is SM and got 50 resets the first from all SM players so you win 2500 Credits. 📌 Important Rules: You must reply to this post once you have reached 50 resets the first. If you will not do it so you will not receive Credits. 📌 List of Winners: 📢 WINNER SM: "no one yet" 📢 WINNER BK: "no one yet" 📢 WINNER ELF: "no one yet" 📢 WINNER SUM: "no one yet" 📢 WINNER MG: "no one yet" 📢 WINNER DL: "no one yet" 📢 WINNER RF: "no one yet" 📢 WINNER GL: "no one yet"
  8. Exclusive Rank Quest

    en la quest de rango 7 no me tiro el anillo de panda, puede ser que haya un error???
  9. Earning Free Credits, Wcoins

    MMOTOP and TOP100ARENA doesn`t give any votes. Toparena allways fails, MMOTOP doesnt award you even if you pay with SMS. Please check the issue
  10. Update 15.09.2020

    I agree! bosses need to be more stronger due to the extra bonus buff
  11. Update 15.09.2020

    No. You must register a new account (can be used the same email and the name of account). Each server different account needed.
  12. Update 15.09.2020

    Hello ! if i have acc on x 500 i can use same acc for x30 ? With new caracter etc...
  13. Update 15.09.2020

    Lets run it in game, sir! Waiting the opening! Ah, it would be good grow up the Bosses Power to compensate these changes, or they could be soled by players without items, do some tests and check it, please
  14. Update 15.09.2020

    28% DD is included in these Max 60%, but that's why these max 60% are changed to max 70%. So DD and REF is now the same Max of 70%. With 70 resets you get 28%, so you have left 42% to get the max rate.
  15. Update 15.09.2020

    Well, I am sure admin tested this. I am only thinking that 28% dd out of 60% max is quite a bit. That's almost half. Other than that I think this will reduce the gap in PvP between someone with good set +13+7% DD from harmony and someone who is butt naked . Which is not that bad.
  16. Titan's Anger (Invoking Demons)

    By playing a little the 500x, I think the "bug" is: only master level character can throw Titan Anger (and Evomon) Scroll on the ground
  17. Update 15.09.2020

    The same question applies to reflect. I fear it could unbalance the classes, especially PVP... Hope not.
  18. Update 15.09.2020

    Nice! I am already exited to reach 70rr! /reset is a very nice feature, will make resetting so much easier Gold 20% 20% would certainly motivate people to do that final quest <3 Just 1 question. Are those 28% DD included in the General Damage Reduction Max Rate which is 60%? or the max now is 88%?
  19. Update 15.09.2020

    Server X30 1) Now reset can be done in game by command /reset. 2) Added special bonus reward for doing reset: Damage, HP, DD, REF +2% each 5 resets Example: (With 11 ~ 15 resets you will have 4% bonus Damage, 4% extra HP, 4% extra Damage Decrease, 4% extra Damage Reflect) (With max 70 resets you will have 28% bonus Damage, 28% extra HP, 28% extra Damage Decrease, 28% extra Damage Reflect). 3) Added 20% damage absorb and 20% damage increase to Golden Fenrir. Note: Similar updates coming soon for servers X500 and X2000 as well.
  20. Titan's Anger (Invoking Demons)

    Are you sure? I've played 30x back in April and it was working.
  21. Ways how to earn Ruud

    y para q se usa el RUUD... disculpen mi ignorancia... :V
  22. Exclusive Rank Quest

    I do quest For ferea Knight I not get any Ruud for this quest
  23. Titan's Anger (Invoking Demons)

    Not working on 30x, It is not possible thrown the scroll on the ground
  24. Boss Rewards

  25. Boss Rewards

    What is the respawn for boss Lord of ferea ? can u please open the barrier for Lord silvester.
  26. Doppelganger (Double Goer)

    please remove pk inside and all other event. Some player auto warps inside and kills me. will investigate more of hack. im pretty sure i'm the only one inside the event.
  27. Invasion Monster Rewards

    x500 Golden invasion is working?
  28. Follow Party

    why i cant use it to acheron?? neither the marry /follow
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