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  3. x30 Server Information

    General Information Version: Season 12 Full Regular Experience: 30x Master Exeperience: 40x Max Regular Level: 400 Max Master Level: 500 Monster Item Drop: 20% Max Stats per 1 Characteristic: 20000 Max Stats Total: 28000+ / 29400+ Points Per Level: 5/7 Web Item Shop: OFF Grand Resets: OFF In-Game X Shop: ON Offexp / Offleveling: ON View of 3D Camera: ON Antihack / Anticheat: ON Low Performance Mode: F9 to ON / OFF Dynamic Experience 0 to 10 reset experience: 30x (100%) 11 to 20 reset experience: 25,5x (85%) 21 to 30 reset experience: 21x (70%) 31 to 40 reset experience: 16,5x (55%) 41 to 50 reset experience: 12x (40%) 51 to 60 reset experience: 7,5x (25%) 61 to 70 reset experience: 3x (10%) Reset Information Level: 400 Price: 2kk Zen x Res Count Free stat Points BK, SM, ELF, SUM: 400 Free stat points MG, DL, RF, GL: 420 Credits Reward: 50 Max Reset Count: 70 Additional Information MG, DL, RF, GL Create Level: 190 Command /offattack resets require: 1 Command /offattack Max Time: 8 hours Server Gameplay Features Party between Gens D and V Allowed Party Builds: Bronze, Silver, Gold Non PvP Maps: Lost Tower 1 - 7, Karutan Battle Maps: Aida 1 - 2, Kanturu 1 - 3, Vulcanus Battle Maps Experience Increased +30% Battle Maps Excellent Item Drop Increased 2x Minimap (TAB) to see Spot Locations Shadow Phantom Max Level: 300 Shadow Phantom Max Reset: 10 MuHelper Minimal use Level: 30 Guild Create Minimal Level: 300 Monsters and Bosses Power Adjusted Monsters Count per Spot: 5 - 8 Spots in all Maps except Arena Cash Shop is Balanced, No high Exp Boosts Get 5 Goblin Points every 10 minutes Online Get 1 Credits every 1 hour Online (Exchange Here) Item Wear Level Requirements are Removed Store and Offstore Sell Items for Wcoins Offattack System Level up while Offline Pack and Unpack Jewels with Custom Commands New Sets: BloodAngel, DarkAngel, HolyAngel In-Game Commands General Commands: /post, /move, /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcmd, /pkclear, /war, /soccer . Custom Commands: /store, /offstore, /pack, /unpack, /offattack, /re on, /re off, /re auto, /re auto, "/prop", "/accept", "/divorce", /follow, /info, /logout, /clearinv F.A.Q - Guides & Tutorials ★ Game, Web and other useful Guides ★ F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions) ➥ Credits & Wcoins & Ruud ➥ Features & Commands ➥ Events & Rewards ➥ Box Rewards ➥ Special Drops ➥ Item Options ➥ Chaos Machine ➥ Character Stats ...................................................
  4. Free 270 Credits [x30]

    Free 270 Credits - Get Free 270 Credits in a few clicks Like our Facebook Page - HERE Share and Like that Post about opening on your Timeline - HERE Tag in Comment at least 5 friends and your Account Name (ID) - HERE Subscribe to our Youtube Channel (Many useful Video Guides will be added in future) - HERE - Just a few rules to receive Credits All 4 steps must be completed to receive Free 270 Credits Post should be "Public" and visible on your Facebook profile timeline 1 Player can get Credits only once and for 1 account (do not try to cheat) Credits will be added after manual review in a time of 0 - 24 hours
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  6. Senior (Lord) Mix

    Hi this is my 2nd time in server 500x getting an item with only 1 options. I would like it to b replaced and 2nd options added and if possible 2% dmg or the items i used to make it. Also please fix this bug. Like i said this is the 2nd time i did this first time was a +14 AA sword +L+edr and now a +13 xbow +L+edr
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  13. Screen(05_22-02-32)-0011.jpg

    = SM LvL 3
  14. DiAbLiTa ;)

  15. Nice agonizando XD

  16. DiAbLiTa and Nice

  17. Screen(05_21-13-51)-0009.jpg

  18. Screen(05_21-00-52)-0001.jpg

  19. Screen(05_20-10-35)-0005.jpg

  20. Screen(05_17-10-29)-0000.jpg

  21. Elemental Damage

  22. Elemental Damage

    What exactly ?
  23. Success Rates

    If it would show 60% so for VIP it's 95%. Then if it shows 45% for you so for VIP it is 75%
  24. Success Rates

    i have a question. If i am platinum vip and my 2.5 success rate says 45% what % is it really since being platinum for vip give bonuses to 2.5 wing making.
  25. Event Entry Levels

    BC 5,6,7 only for master levels
  26. Doppelganger (Double Goer)

    what is ruud?
  27. Event Entry Levels

    5 bc 400-500 lvl?! how?!
  28. x500 Server Information

    @Admin Can you support this? Disconnect character/friend command /dcfriend [Charcter] [Account password] Example: /dcfriend noobDK 12345
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