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  3. Socket Item Options

    Admin, i had no info about this, i have somehow spent 100k ruud for 7 and 6lvl seeds, can i get at least 50% of my ruud spent on it ? Regards
  4. Offattack (offline leveling)

    Your Mu is hidden in the Task Bar, you can open it back, see screenshot below.
  5. Offattack (offline leveling)

    I press F12 and mu's window close. I want to log in again but I can't because it says that my account is conected. Does anybody can help me?
  6. Last week
  7. Reset Race [x500]

    Character Class: DM Char Name: Medusa
  8. Exclusive Rank Quest

    Nope. Still doesn't there. I got everything else like pendant or exc rings but panda.
  9. Exclusive Rank Quest

    Try to press K and see if is there! Both of them are. They are not dropped down.
  10. Exclusive Rank Quest

    Well I didn't get Ring Panda 3 days for rank7 quest but pet for 6.
  11. Selupan

    Of course. No timer because it depends when it was killed last time by players.
  12. Reset Race [x500]

    Char Class: DL Char Name: Suicidal
  13. Free 300 Credits [x500]

    Complete Admin ACC - TwoDollars Nickname - Posseidon
  14. Earlier
  15. Reset Race [x500]

    Char Class: ML Char Name: Lili
  16. Reset Race [x500]

    Character class : MG Character Name : huynhkai
  17. Selupan

    Hello!, Its working? Cant See the Timer in page.
  18. Reset Race [x500]

    Character Class : RF Character Name : Fella
  19. Reset Race [x500]

    Character Class : ME Character Name : 4buff
  20. Reset Race [x500]

    Character Class : BK Character Name : 4fight
  21. Reset Race [x500]

    Character Class : SM Character Name : piekny
  22. Free 300 Credits [x500]

    Id: berker https://www.facebook.com/BybekoLy
  23. Free 300 Credits [x500]

    Complete Id : ghereg
  24. Free 400 Credits [x2000]

    YouTube acc: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUrs17L0rb6q97uyp5X09Cg?view_as=subscriber FaceBook acc: https://web.facebook.com/dfs.fsd.940 Mu acc: fernanda
  25. Free 300 Credits [x500]

    Free 300 Credits - Get Free 300 Credits in a few clicks Like our Facebook Page - HERE Share and Like that Post about opening on your Timeline - HERE Tag in Comment at least 5 friends and your Account Name (ID) - HERE Join our Facebook Group - HERE Subscribe to our Youtube Channel (Many useful Video Guides will be added in future) - HERE - Just a few rules to receive Credits All 4 steps must be completed to receive Free 300 Credits Post should be "Public" and visible on your Facebook profile timeline 1 Player can get Credits only once and for 1 account (do not try to cheat) Credits will be added after manual review in a time of 0 - 24 hours
  26. Reset Race [x500]

    Reset Race Be the first from all characters of YOUR CLASS who make 50 resets and get 2500 Credits Reward! 📌 Post in this topic after 50 resets reached: Character Class: Character Name: 📌 Example: Your character class is SM and got 50 resets the first from all SM players so you win 2500 Credits. 📌 Important Rules: You must reply to this post once you have reached 50 resets the first. If you will not do it so you will not receive Credits. 📌 List of Winners: 📢 WINNER SM: "piekny" 📢 WINNER BK: "4fight" 📢 WINNER ELF: "4buff" 📢 WINNER SUM: "no one yet" 📢 WINNER MG: "huynhkai" 📢 WINNER DL: "Suicidal" 📢 WINNER RF: "Fella" 📢 WINNER GL: "Lili"
  27. Free Credits for Skype promotion

    1. Share what you're up to (mood section): 2. Add our Server Skype to your contacts and group: Add and Chat Now 3. Send an instant message to a group: You must make a conversation group with your friends, and tell them about this wonderful event and server. Come up with your own invitation text. Requirements and prizes: Group of 30+ friends - 300 Credits. Group of 100+ friends - 1000 Credits. Fill the form after you have done 3 steps of the event: Account name (login): Screenshot from Skype mood message: Screenshot from Skype Group: Tips: Remember that you can use your Referral Link. For each player who will register using your Referral Link you receive extra Credits. Referral Rewards see HERE.
  28. Senior (Lord) Mix

    The Problem is that, nobody wants a poopy lance, if they spend 30 souls, bless and Guardians. they want a 380 or 400 socket iterm
  29. Senior (Lord) Mix

    There is nothing wrong with it because GL class does not have Divine Weapons, so this Lance was added instead.
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