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  2. In-game Events

    Good Luck and Have Fun Everyone!
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  4. x30 Server Information

    Agree with cortel
  5. x30 Server Information

    We have to take in consideration that if max stats are blocked per certain stat, then is quite unfair. Only characters that take full advantage of this is Agility RF (which will take all bosses, all pvp, because his agility = dmg and defense as well, and Agility ELF)...that is not fair at all.. So having that 70 rr block, with that dynamic xp...will drive many players to quit the server 100 percent sure....people want to have 100000rrr and full stats...my advice is to make a poll on the website and see what players want...in the end if you get more players= more money.. Ask us if we want dynamic xp, and a block of 70 rr...make two different polls.
  6. x30 Server Information

    And one question : Max Stats per 1 Characteristic: 20000 Max Stats Total: 28000+ / 29400+ Does it mean that i can have max 20k per for example ene, and all the total stats left are 8k? I know that on 500x you can have max different ..like 20k each..or so..Am i wrong? Is it possible for us to have 20k for each stat?
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  8. x30 Server Information

    I agree with Cortel.. That's also what I would like to go for 240 resets like thing and I don't like these blocked stats thing... Would be great to get answer from you guys so we will know if It's gonna be worth playing on this server or not
  9. x30 Server Information

    Hi, Will the max stats be extended in the future? It would be a drag to play long -term only to have your stats blocked at a certain rate. I personally would prefer to get 240 rr to get a full stat character..Have admins discussed the possibility of extending this functionality?
  10. Free Credits for Skype promotion

    1. Share what you're up to (mood section): 2. Add our Server Skype to your contacts and group: Add and Chat Now 3. Send an instant message to a group: You must make a conversation group with your friends, and tell them about this wonderful event and server. Come up with your own invitation text. Requirements and prizes: Group of 30+ friends - 300 Credits. Group of 100+ friends - 1000 Credits. Fill the form after you have done 3 steps of the event: Account name (login): Screenshot from Skype mood message: Screenshot from Skype Group: Tips: Remember that you can use your Referral Link. For each player who will register using your Referral Link you receive extra Credits. Referral Rewards see HERE.
  11. x30 Server Information

    General Information Version: Season 12 Full Regular Experience: 30x Master Exeperience: 40x Max Regular Level: 400 Max Master Level: 500 Monster Item Drop: 20% Max Stats per 1 Characteristic: 20000 Max Stats Total: 28000+ / 29400+ Points Per Level: 5/7 Web Item Shop: OFF Grand Resets: OFF In-Game X Shop: ON Offexp / Offleveling: ON View of 3D Camera: ON Antihack / Anticheat: ON Low Performance Mode: F9 to ON / OFF Dynamic Experience 0 to 10 reset experience: 30x (100%) 11 to 20 reset experience: 25,5x (85%) 21 to 30 reset experience: 21x (70%) 31 to 40 reset experience: 16,5x (55%) 41 to 50 reset experience: 12x (40%) 51 to 60 reset experience: 7,5x (25%) 61 to 70 reset experience: 3x (10%) Reset Information Level: 400 Price: 2kk Zen x Res Count Free stat Points BK, SM, ELF, SUM: 400 Free stat points MG, DL, RF, GL: 420 Credits Reward: 50 Max Reset Count: 70 Additional Information MG, DL, RF, GL Create Level: 190 Command /offattack resets require: 1 Command /offattack Max Time: 8 hours Server Gameplay Features Party between Gens D and V Allowed Party Builds: Bronze, Silver, Gold Non PvP Maps: Lost Tower 1 - 7, Karutan Battle Maps: Aida 1 - 2, Kanturu 1 - 3, Vulcanus Battle Maps Experience Increased +30% Battle Maps Excellent Item Drop Increased 2x Minimap (TAB) to see Spot Locations Shadow Phantom Max Level: 300 Shadow Phantom Max Reset: 10 MuHelper Minimal use Level: 30 Guild Create Minimal Level: 300 Monsters and Bosses Power Adjusted Monsters Count per Spot: 5 - 8 Spots in all Maps except Arena Cash Shop is Balanced, No high Exp Boosts Get 5 Goblin Points every 10 minutes Online Get 1 Credits every 1 hour Online (Exchange Here) Item Wear Level Requirements are Removed Store and Offstore Sell Items for Wcoins Offattack System Level up while Offline Pack and Unpack Jewels with Custom Commands New Sets: BloodAngel, DarkAngel, HolyAngel In-Game Commands General Commands: /post, /move, /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcmd, /pkclear, /war, /soccer . Custom Commands: /store, /offstore, /pack, /unpack, /offattack, /re on, /re off, /re auto, /re auto, "/prop", "/accept", "/divorce", /follow, /info, /logout, /clearinv F.A.Q - Guides & Tutorials ★ Game, Web and other useful Guides ★ F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions) ➥ Credits & Wcoins & Ruud ➥ Features & Commands ➥ Events & Rewards ➥ Box Rewards ➥ Special Drops ➥ Item Options ➥ Chaos Machine ➥ Character Stats ...................................................
  12. Materials for Wings

    icarus only.
  13. Materials for Wings

    Can I also find it in normal positions for 2.5 wings (aida, tarkan, lorenci, and icarus?)
  14. Recruiting GM / Helper

    obvious copy paste with little change on last sentance ;(
  15. Recruiting GM / Helper

    Real Name: Haris Age: 29 Country you live: Greece Languages you know: English,Russian,Greece Free hours per day to be online : 5-6h(or more) mon-friday, weekends only on evenings 2-3h Previous GM experience if have: last time was gm about 7h, but in different games was many times GM,HGM How can you help Server: FAQ to newbies, make events for players for have some more fun Other comments: Loyal player. dont matter who you are, helping everyone.always online in instagram,, answering really quick.
  16. Blood Castle

    a mi no me deja entrar loco!
  17. Daily Event Suggestions

    I enjoy that ideas (:
  18. Guild Registration

    aliance leader can register only, also aliance has to be created before actual registration period. if you made ailance with in registration period for siege, you can only register for next comming siege.
  19. Guild Registration

    Of course, because you register too late. Only Monday, Tuesday you could register.
  20. Guild Registration

    Did not help.
  21. Guild Registration

    Disband ally and make it again just invite other way than before.
  22. Guild Registration

    Nonsense guild have 28players, ally 8 cant announcement hahahah
  23. Doppelganger (Double Goer)

    Ruud for ruud shop google.
  24. Top 20 Voters

    Sorry, but i can not help you with it since it's not a server related issue. Everything is fine for other players.
  25. Top 20 Voters

    I have the same issues. I can't vote in XtremeTOP100, TopG, and MMOTOP websites. Any solutions for this @Admin? Tried both Google Chrome and IE. Thank you!
  26. Socket Item Options

    Have all original features including socket bonuses.
  27. Socket Item Options

    @Admin this mu x500 have option hidden like x2 dame... in socket item? by combining fire, ice, lighning....
  28. Socket Item Options

    Yes all next levels above 5 are the same!
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