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  1. Land of Trials

    nice work, but spawn is a bit slow
  2. Earning Free Credits, Wcoins

    Simply on web where is buy wcoins, you can set change wcoins to credits.
  3. Recruiting GM / Helper

    Real Name: Nikita Age: 23 Country you live: United Kingodm Languages you know: English,Russian,Latvian Free hours per day to be online : 5-6h(or more) mon-friday, weekends only on evenings 2-3h Previous GM experience if have: last time was gm about 7h, but in different games was many times GM,HGM How can you help Server: FAQ to newbies, make events for players for have some more fun Other comments: Loyal player. dont matter who you are, helping everyone.always online in facebook,skype, answering really quick.