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  1. Materials for Wings

    icarus only.
  2. Recruiting GM / Helper

    obvious copy paste with little change on last sentance ;(
  3. Guild Registration

    aliance leader can register only, also aliance has to be created before actual registration period. if you made ailance with in registration period for siege, you can only register for next comming siege.
  4. Land of Trials

  5. Marry System

  6. Marry System

    we are tolerant)
  7. Boss Respawn Times

    same as normal.
  8. Offattack (offline leveling)

    You have to hit 1rr before use this command
  9. Land of Trials

    nice work, but spawn is a bit slow
  10. Earning Free Credits, Wcoins

    Simply on web where is buy wcoins, you can set change wcoins to credits.
  11. Recruiting GM / Helper

    Real Name: Nikita Age: 23 Country you live: United Kingodm Languages you know: English,Russian,Latvian Free hours per day to be online : 5-6h(or more) mon-friday, weekends only on evenings 2-3h Previous GM experience if have: last time was gm about 7h, but in different games was many times GM,HGM How can you help Server: FAQ to newbies, make events for players for have some more fun Other comments: Loyal player. dont matter who you are, helping everyone.always online in facebook,skype, answering really quick.