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Custom Invasion?

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Hello all!

Do we need some custom invasion?

It can be any monster in any place with any respawn time and rewards..

It would work the same way like Golden Invasion example..


I would like to hear some suggestions of time and rewards and so on..

Maybe someone has a great ideas :) Cheers..

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nice of you to ask that. i was wondering if thats possible.

idea #1

GameMasters invasion.

Reward, GM box. 

invasion map = there is some map that i don't remember its name, but it has fountain and i think it might called GM map or something like that.

GM box = drop jewel bundles, bless of light (low, mid, high) and ruud.

occurrence: 1 per 24h 


idea #2 Acheron Elemental invasion

hero invasion (silver mobs) different silver mob in each map.

reward: elemental capsule (fire,earth,etc..).

each capsule will reward 5 errtels from the same element + blessing of spirit.

Alkmar invasion - fire

Debenter invasion - water

URUK invasion - darkness

UBAID invasion - earth 

NARS invasion - wind

occurrence: 2 per 24h


idea #3 boss invasion

selupan, dark elf, erohim, silvester and core magriffy

reward: 10k ruud and 100 wcoin from each boss.

map: lorencia ring

occurrence: 1 per 24h


idea #4 First Rank invasion

summon the player who's ranked #1 in the server ranking, and who ever kill him win 500wcoin :D



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