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  1. Update 26.11.2018

  2. Custom Invasion?

    nice of you to ask that. i was wondering if thats possible. idea #1 GameMasters invasion. Reward, GM box. invasion map = there is some map that i don't remember its name, but it has fountain and i think it might called GM map or something like that. GM box = drop jewel bundles, bless of light (low, mid, high) and ruud. occurrence: 1 per 24h idea #2 Acheron Elemental invasion hero invasion (silver mobs) different silver mob in each map. reward: elemental capsule (fire,earth,etc..). each capsule will reward 5 errtels from the same element + blessing of spirit. Alkmar invasion - fire Debenter invasion - water URUK invasion - darkness UBAID invasion - earth NARS invasion - wind occurrence: 2 per 24h idea #3 boss invasion selupan, dark elf, erohim, silvester and core magriffy reward: 10k ruud and 100 wcoin from each boss. map: lorencia ring occurrence: 1 per 24h idea #4 First Rank invasion summon the player who's ranked #1 in the server ranking, and who ever kill him win 500wcoin
  3. Chaos Cards

    I bet this took only 5 minutes of work </sarcasm >