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Boss Rewards

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 Boss Rewards 

Boss monsters are some of the most powerful monsters in MU!

Although they drop great rewards, these monsters are very powerful!

It is advised to form a party when hunting boss monsters!

Each Boss drop includes RUUD ..



  • x2 / x3 excellent + ancient Items or excellent 380 lvl items

Maya Hands

  • x1 excellent 380 lvl set item


  • x1 excellent 380 lvl weapon


  • x1 / x2 / x3 excellent 380 lvl set items or socket set items

Dark Elf

  • x1 excellent 380 lvl set item


  • x1 excellent 380 lvl weapon, Fragment of Horn or Broken Horn


  • x2 / x3 socket weapons or excellent weapons


  • x2 / x3 / x4 / x5 socket set items and shields + x2 Steel of Heaven

Lord Silvester

  • x2 excellent + ancient Items (100%) or x1 pentagram (60%)

Core Magriffy

  • x1 muun pet (Rapen, Pawn, Griffs) (not 100% chance) or x1 / x2 pentagrams

Lord of Ferea

  • x2 / x3 / x4 excellent bloodangel items or x1 errtel (15% chance)


  • x2 / x3 / x4 excellent darkangel, holyangel items

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11 hours ago, Maimone said:

what does hydra drop?

This Mini boss drops Tradeable Seal (30% drop chance, 30 minutes respawn time)

*Remember to use Search function on forum.

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Posted (edited)

What is the respawn for boss Lord of ferea ?


can u please open the barrier for Lord silvester. 

Edited by wonderful1

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