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Boss Medusa drops random 2 items with 100% chance or 3 items with 50% chance..

Each item will drop 100% +Luck and +Skill (if possible)..

Each drop includes RUUD ..


Possible rewards:

Socket weapons level +12~+15 + luck + skill + 1~3 empty sockets

  • Asura
  • Cyclone Sword
  • Blast Break
  • Flameberge
  • Sword Breaker
  • Rune Bastard Sword
  • Sonic Blade
  • Frost Mace
  • Absolute Scepter
  • Thunderbolt
  • Horn of Steal
  • Magmus Peer
  • Dark Stinger
  • Aileen Bow
  • Angelic Bow
  • Devil Crossbow
  • Eternal Wing Stick
  • Deadly Staff
  • Imperial Staff
  • Summon Spirit Stick
  • Miracle Staff
  • Spite Staff
  • Pantera Claws
  • Devast Claws
  • Rectuus Lance
  • Russell Light Lance

Excellent weapons level +8~+11 + luck + skill + 1~3 excellent options

  • Bone Blade
  • Explosion Blade
  • Phoenix Soul Star
  • Soleil Sceptor
  • Sylph Wind Bow
  • Grand Viper Staff
  • Storm Blitz Stick
  • Pluma Lance
  • Knight Blade
  • Sword Dancer
  • Piercing Blade Glove
  • Shining Scepter
  • Arrow Viper Bow
  • Platina Staff
  • Demonic Stick
  • Alacran Lance


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40 minutes ago, mallone said:

After she's re-spawn, how long does it last until she disappear???

Currently it is set to 2 hours. Is it needed to change?

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