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  1. Update 21.05.2018

    awesome thank you ! all CD removed from ruud skills ? OMG so cool might result in some adjusting needed after that.. i can already see agility RF being new meta too bad for vit RF too bad GL still dont have Ruud skill here will you make guides about the new futures added? " [ADDED] "Bomb Hunt" system. (Rewards will be added in next update)" " [ADDED] "Elemental Symbol" mix." " [UPDATED] "Custom Attack" system." ? thanks alot for your hard work !
  2. Update 04.05.2018

    thanks alot !! this is so awesome! you are awesome ! work is much appreciated ! can you also please add few mobbs/spots at Acheron ? for elemental pent upgardes ? thanks ^^
  3. Ways how to earn Ruud

    i'd increase the amount of RUUD from Pumpkin of luck and Cherry Bloosom. each RUud item is 50k 70 feels abit low if only from these boxces x 0.5 its avrage of 35
  4. Free Vip and Credits Discount

    nice time to get get more credits .
  5. Pentagrams

    @Admin could you please write hete where we can find these Monsters? Ty
  6. VIP System

    very interested to know what is the price and duration of the VIP. also will the 500x server VIP look about the same? thank you