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  1. Free Credits for Skype / Discord promotion

    Looking forward to 30x start!!! See you there, darkangel
  2. Custom Jewels

    Admin has added those already
  3. Update 15.09.2020

    Well, I am sure admin tested this. I am only thinking that 28% dd out of 60% max is quite a bit. That's almost half. Other than that I think this will reduce the gap in PvP between someone with good set +13+7% DD from harmony and someone who is butt naked . Which is not that bad.
  4. Update 15.09.2020

    Nice! I am already exited to reach 70rr! /reset is a very nice feature, will make resetting so much easier Gold 20% 20% would certainly motivate people to do that final quest <3 Just 1 question. Are those 28% DD included in the General Damage Reduction Max Rate which is 60%? or the max now is 88%?
  5. Titan's Anger (Invoking Demons)

    Are you sure? I've played 30x back in April and it was working.
  6. Jewel Bank

    Is it very hard to have a command /bankadd all
  7. Update 17.02.2020

    Dear Admin, With x30 Server coming I wanted to point : @Admin, on the 2nd update 2) [Updated] "Maze of Dimensions" event now saves. Maze of Dimentions DOESN'T work. You can only enter once you have lvl 400, but master EXP doesn't count as EXP. Therefore you can't receive EXP and complete quest "Win 300 000 exp". You can't even pass the very first maze. Also Rage Fighter is too OP. Some good players left because of that. Could you nerf it a bit? Kind Regards, SoulReaper