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  1. Update 09.12.2020

  2. Update 15.09.2020

    I agree! bosses need to be more stronger due to the extra bonus buff
  3. Update 07.12.2018 (Ferea, Nixies Lake)

    That's good to have Ferea and Nixie Lake exp increases. One another thing is that DL summoning skill doesn't work in that 2 maps. Can you fix it? or it's gonna be like that for now?
  4. Chaos Castle

    You gotta kill one by one, and far distance, because they exploded and push you down
  5. Medusa

    No! 2 hours is perfect. Thank you
  6. Success Rates

    you need to add JOL into the 2nd wings, to make it +12op and it will make your success rate to 60% (it's the max rate for 2.5 wings)
  7. Medusa

    After she's re-spawn, how long does it last until she disappear???
  8. Update 17.11.2018

  9. Success Rates

    wings said 60% is max So you need to put more Exc items +4+ops in there to make it to 60% bro @DKAioriA