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Update 05.05.2018

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1) Added New Extra Event called "Raffle System - Automatic Wcoins Draw for Online Players"

* This is an event where system gives away free Wcoins to 1 randomly drawn player from all who are online at that moment.

** More information about this new event you can find here: http://forum.starredmu.com/topic/153-raffle-draw-system/


2) Updated PeaceSwamp map - added special box to drop only in this map which gives Zen

* Name of special box: "Red lucky pouch"

** You can get several Zen reward amounts each 20% chance. (1kk, 2kk, 3kk, 4kk, 5kk) x30 and (2kk, 4kk, 6kk, 8kk, 10kk) x500


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