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 Pentagrams Drop 

Pentagrams are included in a drop of specific monsters.

Muren's Book of Magic, Scroll of Etramu

  • Gorgon
  • Ice Queen
  • Balrog
  • Hydra
  • Phoenix of Darkness
  • Hell Maine
  • Devilfairy
  • Elemental Beast
  • Elemental Knight
  • Ubaid Devilfairy
  • Ubaid Elemental Beast
  • Ubaid Elemental Knight


Other Pentagrams

  • Core Magriffy Boss
  • Lord Silvester Boss
  • Undine
  • Salamander
  • Sylphid
  • Gnove
  • Hellraiser
  • Debenter Devilfairy
  • Debenter Elemental Beast
  • Debenter Elemental Knight
  • Sellihoden
  • Ukanva
  • Silla
  • Normus
  • Muff

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Is the pentagram system full integrated? There is very little spawn of monsters in acheron, (nearly no mithril piece and elixir piece drop).

Is this system customised for this server, or are some of original drops webzen(like)?

Pentagram system is very fun addition to the game, so i would like to craft and experiment with all kinds of element and setups.


Ty for answer :)

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@Admin Sir would it be possible to add talisman of element change? My inventory and warehouse is just getting full of useless pentagrams cause of the difference in element. Other servers have it so I thought maybe you could put it here too.

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