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Update 10.12.2018

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1) Changed the way how Kundun Boss appears. It's like invasion now with fixed time of respawn.
2) Added announce message to show in game when Kundun appears.
3) Added respawn times of Kundun and Illusion of Kundun to website Event Time Table.
4) Updated monster Illusion of Kundun respawn times, strength and rewards (Kalima 1 - 5).
Kalima 1 : Box of Kundun +1 : Respawn 2 hours
Kalima 2 : Box of Kundun +2 : Respawn 4 hours
Kalima 3 : Box of Kundun +3 : Respawn 6 hours
Kalima 4 : Box of Kundun +4 : Respawn 8 hours
Kalima 5 : Box of Kundun +5 : Respawn 10 hours
5) Updated Illusion of Kundun (Kalima 6). Works the same way as Kundun with appearance message announce.
Kalima 6: RUUD and + Box of Kundun +5 + 2x Ancient Items: Respawn time the same as Kundun Boss (respawns 7 minutes before Kundun)
6) Increased damage of Strength built MG

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