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Update 17.02.2020

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1) [Added] "/follow" command. More info HERE.

2) [Updated] "Maze of Dimensions" event now saves.

3) [Updated] "Muun" system.

4) [Fixed] Some small issues for master skill tree.

5) [Fixed] Wrong monster summon at "Ferea Battle".

6) [Fixed] Summon moving non gens characters to gens maps.

7) [Fixed] "Hero" status disappearing before the expected.

8) [Fixed] "Ruud Shop" not setting durability correctly.

9) [Fixed] Errtel level upgrade failure not clearing the level.

10) [Fixed] Some mixes not applying the "Talisman of Luck" bonus with fixed rate.

11) Many other small fixes on server side and in-game (improved some systems, performance).



1) Jewels Bank (possibility to store jewels in special bank, can add or take back them anytime with a simple command from any place).

2) Exclusive Quest System (do some quest tasks like kill specific monsters or players and get nice rewards).

3) Automatic Hide and Seek event with auto rewards.

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41 minutes ago, kovotojas said:

Itry Devil Squere but with 829 ML still doesn't work :) 

Then seems like max master level on this season must be not higher than 400, so 800 in total.

However i will check, if something can be done to solve it. On x2000 it is going to be max 400 ml.

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Dear Admin,

With x30 Server coming I wanted to point :

@Admin, on the 2nd update 2) [Updated] "Maze of Dimensions" event now saves.

Maze of Dimentions DOESN'T work. 

You can only enter once you have lvl 400, but master EXP doesn't count as EXP. 

Therefore you can't receive EXP and complete quest "Win 300 000 exp". 

You can't even pass the very first maze. 

Also Rage Fighter is too OP. Some good players left because of that. Could you nerf it a bit? 


Kind Regards,


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