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    Pack and Unpack Jewels Commands for easy packing and unpacking jewels! Command: /pack [jewel] [value] Example: /pack bless 30 Creates one pack of 30 Bless if you have them in inventory Command: /unpack [jewel] [value] Example: /unpack soul 20 Unpacks one pack of 20 Soul if you have it in inventory bless = Jewel of Bless soul = Jewel of Soul life = Jewel of Life chaos = Jewel of Chaos creation = Jewel of Creation guardian = Jewel of Guardian harmony = Jewel of Harmony gem = Gemstone loref = Lower Refine Stone hiref = Higher Refine Stone
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    Elemental Capsule Elemental Capsule gives Jewel of Bless (100% chance) + random 2 items with 100% chance or 3 items with 50% chance.. Possible rewards (70%): Blessing of Spirit Fragment of Radiance slot (1) Fragment of Radiance slot (2) Fragment of Radiance slot (3) Elemental Powder (25) Elemental Rune (10) Possible rewards (30%): Fragment of Radiance slot (4) Errtel of Anger Errtel of Blessing Errtel of Integrity Errtel of Divinity Errtel of Radiance Runedil's Goldentune Harp Norrwen's Bloodstring Lyra Lemuria's Orb
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    Игровой аккаунт nike x30
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    Materials for Wings Wings Level 2 Loch's Feather Crest of Monarch These items drop in Icarus from all monsters and Tarkan 2 (lower drop rate) Wings Level 2.5 Hell Maine Leather Death Beam Knight Soul Dark Phoenix Flame Death King Bone These items drop in Icarus from all monsters Wings Level 3 Flame of Condor Feather of Condor Flame of Condor drops in Barracks map Feather of Condor you must make
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    Marry System You can marry with another character in game. Question: What is a benefit if you marry wife / husband ? Answer: You can teleport to your wife / husband anytime to any map. Exceptions: You can not teleport to Battle Maps and you must have at least 150 level To marry you must go to Devias 2 coordinates 13 x 25 and 13 x 26 When you both are there marry with commands: "/prop" "/accept" To divorce use this command: "/divorce" To teleport use this command: "/follow"
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    Updated Ferea and Nixies Lake 1) Fixed Blue and Red gate levels required 2) Added many new spots to both maps 3) Increased Experience rate (now it is higher than Raklion 2) 4) Ferea monsters made about 50% (1.5x) stronger than Raklion 2 5) Nixies Lake monsters made about 100% (2x) stronger than Raklion 2
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    1) Increased Skill "Archangel Will" buff time to 60 minutes 2) Added Socket Items to drop in Raklion for RF and GL 3) Added Spots in Alkmar map and marked on Minimap 4) Added "Mithril Fragment" to drop in Alkmar, Debenter, Urk Mountain, Ubaid 5) Added "Elemental Rune" to drop in Alkmar, Debenter, Urk Mountain, Nars 6) Added "Mithril" to drop in Nars 7) Fixed "Sphere Upgrade Rune" is now stackable
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    Evomon Evolves By collecting 25 "Piece of Summoning Scroll" a "Evomon Summoning Scroll" will be created. Piece of Summoning Scroll drops in all maps starting from monster level 93. Drop rate is low. Use this link to check Monster Levels : http://muonline.webzen.com/guides/27/177/in-game-features/monsters Piece of Summoning Scroll are stored in the "Event Inventory" Server x30 Rewards Minor Evomon Box: 400 RUUD + 1x Jewel of Bless or Soul + 4 000 000 ZEN Standard Evomon Box: 800 RUUD + 2x Jewel of Bless or Soul + 8 000 000 ZEN Greater Evomon Box: 1200 RUUD + 3x Jewel of Bless or Soul + 1x Box of Kundun +3 + 12 000 000 ZEN Luxurious Evomon Box: 1600 RUUD + 4x Jewel of Bless or Soul + 1x Box of Kundun +4 + 16 000 000 ZEN Magnificent Evomon Box: 2000 RUUD + 1x Seed Capsule + 1x Elemental Capsule + 1x Box of Kundun +5 + Steel of Heaven + 20 000 000 ZEN Legendary Evomon Box: 2400 RUUD + 2x Seed Capsule + 2x Elemental Capsule + 2x Box of Kundun +5 + Steel of Heaven + 24 000 000 ZEN Server x500 Rewards Minor Evomon Box: 500 RUUD + 2x Jewel of Bless or Soul + 7 000 000 ZEN Standard Evomon Box: 1000 RUUD + 4x Jewel of Bless or Soul + 14 000 000 ZEN Greater Evomon Box: 1500 RUUD + 6x Jewel of Bless or Soul + 2x Box of Kundun +3 + 21 000 000 ZEN Luxurious Evomon Box: 2000 RUUD + 1x Bundle Jewel of Bless or Soul + 2x Box of Kundun +4 + 28 000 000 ZEN Magnificent Evomon Box: 2500 RUUD + 2x Seed Capsule + 1x Elemental Capsule + 2x Box of Kundun +5 + Steel of Heaven + 35 000 000 ZEN Legendary Evomon Box: 3000 RUUD + 3x Seed Capsule + 2x Elemental Capsule + 3x Box of Kundun +5 + Steel of Heaven + 42 000 000 ZEN
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    Guess the monster GM transforms into a monster and players have to guess its name. Each player that says the proper name of the monster gets +X credits and there is X rounds of the event. Kill the GM GM gets full reflect set, maximum health and anything that'd make him hard but fair to kill and sits at X city in easily reachable place. Players have to kill him in order to win the event, whoever kills him wins +X credits. (now depending on the players that are online and on how tanky the GM will get reward can be small or high) Gauntlet. Now this can be a small or a huge PVP event depending on how busy the GM is. GM picks X teams of players (depending on the players that joins the event) and the teams have to fight against each other in one on one battle. The teams picks their first fighters and once the battle have finished the team have won a point. The player that won the battle also retreats and gives a chance to the others of his/her team. When all participants of the team have died the team gets disqualified and the winning team gets +X credits as reward for winning and stays for the next battles of the event. The team with the most victories wins the event and gets +X credits/item (OPTIONAL) When the event ends and there is only one team standing they have won the big reward of X credits/item.
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    You should change your attitude and thinking.. and stop being so lazy. It's 2018 and you do not know how to find info... Even in school students must use google to find info..
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    Character Class: RageFighter Character Name: Tokio
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    Character Class: Grow Lancer Character Name: Tomass
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    Character Class:Rage Fighter Character Name:Spydder
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    Character Class Dark Lord Character name Guru
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    Character Class: High Elf Character Name: Aphrodite
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    Character Class: BK Character Name: Knigh Character Class: GL Character Name: Bear
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    Character Class: Soul Master Character Name: TheAleX
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    Top 20 Voters Top 20 Voters every month will be automatically rewarded with Free Credits Event starts on the first date of month and ends on the last one. Rankings clear on each 1st date. See your place Top Voters https://www.starredmu.com/rankings Vote for our server every 12 and 24 hours https://www.starredmu.com/vote-reward (Using multiple accounts in a reason to vote and get Credits will result in permanent ban without warning) Top 20 Reward List 3300 3150 3000 2850 2700 2550 2300 2150 2000 1850 1700 1550 1300 1150 1000 850 700 550 300 150 If just a half of month so only half of reward amount will be issued.
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    Hello.. i can`t found info about LOREN DEEP event and rewards.
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    We have to take in consideration that if max stats are blocked per certain stat, then is quite unfair. Only characters that take full advantage of this is Agility RF (which will take all bosses, all pvp, because his agility = dmg and defense as well, and Agility ELF)...that is not fair at all.. So having that 70 rr block, with that dynamic xp...will drive many players to quit the server 100 percent sure....people want to have 100000rrr and full stats...my advice is to make a poll on the website and see what players want...in the end if you get more players= more money.. Ask us if we want dynamic xp, and a block of 70 rr...make two different polls.
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    I agree with Cortel.. That's also what I would like to go for 240 resets like thing and I don't like these blocked stats thing... Would be great to get answer from you guys so we will know if It's gonna be worth playing on this server or not
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    Done. Now they drop 2x BOK +2
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    x30 details: accname: tarkan Char: angELF
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    X30 details: acc.name: ahmetX Char: ahmetX
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    x30 acc: PORNSTAR char: PORNSTAR X500 acc: PORNSTAR char: PORNSTAR
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    gj guys. well build sever hope the 500 is around for a long time. and best wished to 30x
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    we are tolerant)
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    Do you accept gay marriage ?
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    Hi, Red lucky pouch drops: Zen reward amounts each 20% chance. (1kk, 2kk, 3kk, 4kk, 5kk) x30 server and (2kk, 4kk, 6kk, 8kk, 10kk) x500 server. This red lucky pouch drops also in PeaceSwamp map from all monsters..
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    Follow Party You can move your character to any player who is in your party! You do not have to walk back to spot but now you can simply follow someone from a party! Command usage: /followpt <PARTY_MEMBER_NAME> Command example: /followpt Admin
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    Hi lex1993ekb Merron - 2 reset
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    You have to hit 1rr before use this command
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    DL summon works fine. Marry teleport is disabled for these 2 maps!
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    You gotta kill one by one, and far distance, because they exploded and push you down
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    you need to add JOL into the 2nd wings, to make it +12op and it will make your success rate to 60% (it's the max rate for 2.5 wings)
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    You are the best DrGiggle How about other players? Come on!!!! Let's make our server the best of the BEST!!!!
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    1) Updated PK (Player Kill) System http://forum.starredmu.com/topic/169-pk-system-player-kill/ 2) Added Elemental Rune in Lorencia shop NPC (costs 80kk Zen) (server X500) 3) Increased drop rates of Mithril fragment, Mithril and Fenrir creating materials 4) Changed the way of Master Exp leveling. It is NOT dynamic Master Exp anymore 5) Decreased SM master skill Ice Storm stun time duration
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    1) Game Client has been updated Fixed Transparency Issues, Invisible Inventory (happened to some players) Fixed other Internal issues Full Client DOWNLOAD LINKS are updated to the latest version. All players who have old game client can just download patch if do not want to re download full game client. To be able to connect to game current old players you must download this patch below: Patch for Game Client Version 1 - Update_for_Version_1_Client.rar Patch for Game Client Version 2 - Update_for_Version_2_Client.rar 2) Updated Performance optimizations 3) Added Labyrinth of Dimensions event 4) Added "MuRummy Special" system 5) Added Reconnect offline system
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    Updated: Added Kundun Boss to respawn in Land of Trials Decreased Monsters Respawn time in Land of Trials
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    All of them are updated and include low performance mode. Download and use any of them.
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    1) Sphere level 2, 3, 4 removed from drop (it was a mistake before) * From now in drop is only sphere (mono) level 1. It is the way how it must be. ** You can Upgrade seed sphere from level 1 up to level 10 manually. (Will add guide later. You can find info on google for now) http://www.guiamuonline.com/socket-system/sistema-socket-s11-ep1 2) Added Spots to PeaceSwamp map (in a reason to level up Master Level and get more Zen) * Monsters in this map will drop Zen much more frequently than other monsters, maps. ** You can now level up your Master Level more safe since other players will not disturb because of minimal level 400 to enter map. *** We will add a special box to drop from monsters in this map ONLY which will give you Zen. **** This was made because of Zen drop is really hard when you reach level 400+ ***** Zen drop rate formula is (zen drop rate * exp * monster level) / character LEVEL P.S. There were many fixes, changes and updates before but i did not post them as update.
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    Store and Offstore Using this feature you can sell items in game store: [ wcoin, gpoint, bless, soul, chaos, creation, guardian, harmony, ruud ] Command: /store [type] Example 1: /store wcoin Example 2: /store gpoint Example 3: /store ruud Opens personal store where you sell items for Wcoins Command: /offstore Example: /offstore Exits game but character stays online with opened store to sell while offline To use /offstore you must set /store first Video:
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    Clearing Inventory Web feature "Clear Inventory" - clears inventory, Expanded Inventory 1, Expanded Inventory 2, Equipment, Personal Store https://www.starredmu.com/clear-inventory Command /clearinv - clears inventory in game (only inventory, not equipped items so not needed to take off set items) Command /logout - exits game window Command /info [your character name] - shows your current Level and Resets
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    Who we are Starred MU Online - Private server for international audience. 2 different worlds: x30 and x500 for each taste. Created and maintained by proffessional developers with a passion for Mu Online. Here you will have the best content on the top of the best hardware. Using Premium Season 12 mu online server files. Project is young and planned to run longterm. Quality game play and high level support guaranteed. One of the main values is web item shop NOT used in our project. We are open 24 / 7 / 365. Project is focused on the English speaking audience but we accept players from all over the world! Game content Server work on a full Season 12 Emulator with our custom settings and features. The most important change is item level requirements are lowered to level 1 so you can wear any item from level 1 if you have required character class of course. All game Events are in a good condition, they work without any serious issues. In addition, for most of our events, top system works just perfectly fine, succeeding in which player will be reward with W Coins. Our professional team will be able to fix or change any incorrect thing what can be found and will be reported by players. We appreciate all player reports and will be happy to answer and question, suggestion or error report. The best way to submit report is in our Community Support Forum. Economics and donations The economy is built on the basic currencies - Credits and Wcoins. Credits are worth the same amount of Wcoins and you can exchange them when ever you want for free. Credits are used for website features but Wcoins can be spent in game Cashshop (X). You can earn Credits and Wcoins in variety of ways - by inviting friends with referral system, by vote reward, online hours, deals on the market, reset and grand reset rewards, participating in events, reaching your place in various top lists and of course by donating. Speaking about donations, it’s worth mentioning that it does not play a decisive role in the gameplay. If you are an active player, you will be able to quickly catch your donator opponents (and if you’re skilled, you’ll be able to achieve superiority over them!). Apart from Wcoins as a barter currency, Zen, Ruud and Jewels can be used. Zen is required mainly for technical services, as upgrading items, crafting, buying potions, making resets etc. however despite of that it has a certain value. Jewels are also used in the game as a trading currency, directly making transactions with other players. For that, we advice you to use offtrade, as you can easily sell your items while being offline. You can find more information related to economics and other useful things to be informed in our Community Support Forum. Contact Us (Support) Our Official Emails: admin@starredmu.com and starredmu@gmail.com Message us to Facebook Page: It is the fastest way to Contact us https://www.facebook.com/StarredMu/ https://www.starredmu.com/support