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Starred Mu

Update 04.05.2018

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1) Sphere level 2, 3, 4 removed from drop (it was a mistake before)

* From now in drop is only sphere (mono) level 1. It is the way how it must be.

** You can Upgrade seed sphere from level 1 up to level 10 manually. (Will add guide later. You can find info on google for now)



2) Added Spots to PeaceSwamp map (in a reason to level up Master Level and get more Zen)

* Monsters in this map will drop Zen much more frequently than other monsters, maps.

** You can now level up your Master Level more safe since other players will not disturb because of minimal level 400 to enter map.

*** We will add a special box to drop from monsters in this map ONLY which will give you Zen.

**** This was made because of Zen drop is really hard when you reach level 400+

***** Zen drop rate formula is (zen drop rate * exp * monster level) / character LEVEL



P.S. There were many fixes, changes and updates before but i did not post them as update.

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thanks alot !! this is so awesome! you are awesome ! work is much appreciated ! 

 can you also please add few mobbs/spots at Acheron ? for elemental pent upgardes  ? thanks ^^ 

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